The Sister Mary Pascal Gray, SSJ – Food Pantry
   Food Pantry Director Mary Williams with the help of an all-volunteer staff, work in conjunction with the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwestern Pennsylvania to distribute between 2 and 3 tons of food to an average of  more than 530 people every week of the year with addition distributions for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Whenever possible, we also distribute clothing, furniture, baby products, indeed anything that is donated to the Food Pantry.   

Unlike many food pantries that only distribute  canned and dry goods, the Sister Mary Pascal Gray, SSJ Food Pantry  strives to provide complete meals to our recipients. To accomplish this we have invested in freezers which allow us to purchase beef, chicken, fish and other frozen foods for our recipients.

    Those who  receive food live in a defined area of the lower east side of the City  of Erie.  People of every race, creed and nationality are welcome. Many  of our recipients are refugees from Africa and Eastern Europe, hoping to find a better more peaceful life in our community. Many are senior citizens trying to make ends meet. Many are working parents who simply  don’t make enough to feed their children.  
The Sister Mary Pascal Gray, SSJ Food Pantry is one of the most important ministries of Saint Patrick Parish and the largest Food Pantry  in the city of Erie.  
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During February 2018 through July 2018 the Food Pantry distributed 32.2 tons of food to 2,591 families, our brothers and sisters at a cost of $3,267. Through this work we are fulfilling our Lord’s command to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and “...Love one another as I have loved you." 
To all the volunteers and church members of the Sister Mary Pascal Food Pantry...This card comes as a thank you to all at the Food Pantry, thank you for your gifts to show support  in my recent move. A new life has begun for me and all is going good. Lots of opportunities here and I am looking forward to all that comes my way. The church I've been attending is very spirited. Thank you for all your help in starting a new way of life for this man..."Keep the Freezers Full."
- Your Friend, JM & P 
   {one of our clients}
donating to the food pantry

The Sister Mary Pascal Gray, SSJ Food Pantry is funded entirely by donations...If you are called to do so, you may send a donation to:

The Sister Mary Pascal Gray, SSJ Food Pantry 
Saint Patrick Parish
130 E. 4th Street
Erie, PA 16507