Homilies of 2020
For those who may have missed Mass, you have the opportunity to stay in touch and hear the sermons from Masses over the weekend from Msgr. Henry Kriegel.

This service is in memory of Dr. Joseph McClellan

Additional Sponsorship comes from:
Mr. & Mrs. James Herdzik
Mr. & Mrs. William Bloomstine
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Habas
Dr. Maureen Barber-Carey 
   ~ IMO Jo Anne Barber McCormick and Kay & Joe Barber
Gail Smith - IMO the Delinski Family
Robert & Carolyn (Novotny) Schenker
   ~ IMO Mary and Joseph Novotny
Mr. & Mrs. Craig McCune
Martha & Bill Hilbert
   ~ IMO Lavina Eisert Wurst


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