How do I join Saint Patrick's?   
First, join us at Mass. Registration forms are in the parish bulletin as well as in the Trinity Gift Shop located in the back of church. You can also call the parish office at (814) 454-8085 ext. 101, send an email to or just drop in Monday through Thursday, 9 AM to 2 PM.  

How can I arrange for a Mass Intention?  
Mass intentions may be arranged for anyone; living or deceased, Catholic or non-Catholic. It is the perfect gift. Call, visit or email the parish office Monday through Thursday 9 AM to 2 PM. The usual donation for a Mass is $10 although no donation is required. Mass cards are available in the parish office.

How do I arrange for my child's Baptism?  
Baptisms are celebrated on an as needed arrangement.  Parents and Godparents are required to attend a pre-baptism class. Our parish offers classes throughout the year, but a baptism class taken at any Catholic parish will satisfy this requirement.  At least one confirmed, practicing Catholic must act as a sponsor (Godparent).  A second Godparent who is also a confirmed, practicing Catholic or a practicing baptized Christian Witness is permitted  though not necessary.  Godparents who are not parishioners of Saint  Patrick's must provide a sponsor certificate from their parish. For more information about baptisms, please call Anne Causgrove at (814) 490-1498.

What do I need to do to get a sponsor certificate for Baptism or Confirmation?  
Sponsor certificates for Baptism or Confirmation can be issued only to  registered members of Saint Patrick's who have received Confirmation, attend Mass and receive Communion regularly.  If married, the marriage  must be in conformity with the regulations of the Catholic Church. To obtain a sponsor certificate call Parish Office.

How do I register my children for Religious Education?  
Contact Fr. Michael Demartinis for more information.

How do we make arrangements for our wedding? 
Please call the pastor at least 6 months and preferably 12 months prior to  your wedding at 454-8085 ext.286. Please go to the weddings page for  more information.  

I need information about obtaining an annulment? Where can I go? 
The Office of the Marriage Tribunal has information about the annulment  process. For help with counseling or other matters relating to  marriage, please contact the pastor.

Where can I find help with family life, counseling, adoption, housing, bereavement counseling, youth services, etc.? 
Catholic  Charities has many programs to meet the basic needs of God's people. From counseling, social services, vocations, education and more, Catholic Charities serves the faithful in the Diocese of Erie. Diocese of Erie

How do I put an announcement in the bulletin?  
Please submit all bulletin articles to the parish office by noon on Monday. You may email your submission, including photos, or visit the parish  office prior to the deadline.

How do I put someone's name on the prayer chain?  
Simply call Mary Alice Hartwell at (814) 454-5908.

How do I reserve a room for a parish meeting? 
Please call the parish office.   

How can I book a tour of Saint Patrick Church? 
Please contact LaVaughn Buchanan (814) 490-5880 or email for more tour information 
*Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:30-3:30pm.

CHILD ABUSE PROTECTION more information from the Diocese of Erie
Please check out the frequently asked questions below to help guide you through any concerns you may have.