Stations of the Cross
Saint Patrick's Stations of The Cross are literally world renown. Hand carved wood in  the late 1800s and restored to their original beauty in 2004 these stations have inspired thousands by their beauty and piety. Click on the images below to explore the gallery.
Our life size stations of the cross were restored a few years ago and are an unforgettable work of art that details the crucifix of Jesus.
Jesus is condemnedJesus takes up his crossJesus falls the first timeJesus meets his mother MarySimon helps Jesus carry the crossVeronica wipes the face of JesusJesus falls for the second timeJesus mourns for the women of JerusalemJesus falls the third timeJesus is strippedJesus is nailed to the crossJesus dies on the cross for usMary receives the body of her sonJesus is buried